Day 16: Housemates Discuss Loyalty In Relationships

Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 16 Tacha Boyfriend Money

A classic case of when a rich person wants you and your boyfriend can’t do anything for you.

Finding yourself in a relationship with a partner not financially well-off, while a wealthy prospect is constantly on your case and eager to dole out material gifts can be quite a conundrum. On one hand, you want nice things, on the other hand, you can’t live with the feeling of disloyalty that might overwhelm you.

The complexity of this topic made the discussion quite animated. A couple of the Pepper Dem Gang swore never to have anything to do with rich suitors while still being in love with their partner.

Thelma cited cases where she had remained loyal to her partner in spite of interests from other richer parties. “If I love you, I love you with all my heart and that is all,” she said.

Diane who also brought up times she had been offered a life of luxury, reiterated that she’d never trade her what she has for a more financially rewarding prospect.

Tacha isn’t one to shy away from a controversial stance and said she had no problem receiving financial and material gifts from interested parties. Making a case for her stance, she said, “If you offer me money while I’m in a relationship with someone else, I will collect and when I’m done, I will block you.”

When asked by Jeff about how she will explain the financial gifts, Tacha owned up to being in her relationship where full disclosure is the norm – saying she’ll definitely tell her partner about every gift she gets.

Mike still wasn’t satisfied insisting her statement about growing with her man while still collecting from another was contradictory. “You cannot claim to be made if you are being sponsored,” he yelled at Tacha.

Nelson was of the opinion that once a guy allows another man give his woman financial gifts, the love isn’t genuine.

Seeing as the Housemates have been in a constant battle for Bet9ja Coins since the moment they entered into the House, the need for more Coins will frequently arise.

What then happens when some of the Housemates in relationships need Coins and their partners can’t provide it? Will they stick to this resolve of not accepting gifts from other love interests or will desperate times call for desperate measures?

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