Day 21: Khafi Is The New Veto Power Game Of Chance Holder

Khafi Week 4 Veto Power Game Of Chance Holder

Khafi Kareem is the Veto Power Holder for Big Brother Naija 2019 week 4, having picked the right object in the Veto Power Game of Chance tonight.

The Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates have started to miss three of their fellow housemates whom, to them, have been evicted.

Interestingly, for Seyi and Tacha, the other housemates have no idea that they are in the Secret Room chilling.

But eviction or not, Big Brother needed them to know their Veto Power Holder for this week. The Veto Power Holder has the power to save and replace any Housemate Nominated for Eviction.

As Big Brother keeps coming up with tricks upon tricks, the simple Task that would turn up to be the Veto Power Game of Chance was announced after the Housemates were gathered in the lounge taking their dinner.

They were asked to pick two out of the 28 objects in the bucket one of the two Ninjas was holding.

The other Ninja held the object that signified the Veto Power Holder win. All the housemates came forward but Khafi got lucky for picking the right object. Then the Head of House, Esther read-aloud that she had won the Veto Power and 100 Bet9ja Coins.

Congratulations to the ever lively Khafi Kareem.

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