Day 21: Tuoyo Is Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2019 As Tacha and Seyi Are Moved To A Secret Room

Tuoyo evicted from Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 21

Tuoyo has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija 2019 house while Seyi and Tacha were fake-evicted and kept in a secret room.

It’s the third Eviction Sunday and our host with the most, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, never ceases to dazzle us with his taste for a high classic dress sense.

Beyond his adornment, our man was prepared to show us what an unpredictable Game Big Brother Naija is. For the first time, we got to see the Secret Room where two of the Nominated Housemates that were fake-Evicted are kept, unknown to the others. We were wondering how that was going to play out.

Ebuka asked Seyi and Mike to stand up, and to our surprise, he asked Mike to sit and then announced that Seyi had been Evicted.

There was shock and horror amongst Housemates who couldn’t believe that Seyi would be leaving them too soon. Ebuka then asked Tacha, Frodd, and Tuoyo to stand up, and the House went dead.

When it was Tacha’s turn to be fake-Evicted, the tension in the House went up. But here was the shocker:

Our Tacha was so confident that the Eviction cup would pass over her. When Ebuka announced her Eviction, she looked unperturbed and even refused to reciprocate other Housemates’ consolation hugs. Reluctantly, she went to the door when Big Brother announced that she must leave within 10 seconds.

Seyi and Tacha were fake evicted – meaning that we will not see them in the House but they are not going home.

Big Brother has decided to put them in a secret room where they have no idea what is going on – and neither do the other housemates.

Big Brother to always come up with twists that will completely jerk us off from our expectations.

As this went on, Tuoyo was seen in the room with other housemates crowded round him jubilantly. He was raising his hands up, grateful that he had been saved.

But the housemates were soon shocked when Ebuka declared him evicted from Big Brother’s house.

Housemates were mostly in shock about three Evictions in one night. We wonder how Seyi and Tacha’s eviction will change the dynamics of the Game.

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