Day 23: Big Brother Naija 2017 Valentines Day, Guys Give A Lovely Surprise To The Ladies

Big Brother Naija 2017 Valentines DayThe guys woke up early to surprise the ladies in the House with a special Valentines breakfast treat.

Aren’t the male housemates in Big Brother Naija the sweetest? Imagine having to be woken up to the smell of a wholesome breakfast consisting of toast, omelettes, fruits and coffee, coming from the kitchen. This is exactly what the female Housemates woke up to this morning.

This sweet gesture seemed like the perfect antidote after last nights’ Live Nominations, which left a bitter taste in most of the Housemate’s mouth, as well as it being Valentine’s Day today.

The breakfast was received with much delight from the girls, as they gave the boys hugs and kisses, while 2Face’s track titled “African Queen” played in the background. The girls wasted no time and dug in immediately, while sharing stories of how they would celebrate Valentine’s Day outside the House.

The special treat did not end with breakfast, as the girls were ushered into the lounge, and were asked to close their eyes, while the boys quickly fetched a huge bouquet of flowers and sweet treats, consisting of berries and grapes.

After hugging it out and shedding a few tears of joy, the girls were heard hinting that they might do something nice for the boys in return. The morning was wound down with a round of exercises lead by ThinTallTony.

Could the girls really have something up their sleeve? Keep here for more from Big Brother Naija house.

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