Day 31: ‘Head of house no be your papa throne’ – Omashola attacks Frodd

Omashola and Frodd on day 31

Omashola and Frodd were involved in a verbal fight today with the former attacking the later over an alleged ‘disrespect’.

Frodd had accused Omashola of disrespecting him by walking out of a meeting he called as the Head of House.

Omashola however fired back at Frodd, stating that anybody could be the head of house, and that no one brought the position from home.

He said he was not scared of anybody, and that what he owes everyone in the house is respect.

Omashola challenged Frodd to speak to him like a man rather than talking behind him.

The housemates’ attempts to calm him down proved abortive as he further warned Frodd to respect himself or else be ready for his wrath.

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