Day 43: Tacha, Joe And Ike Receive Strikes From Big Brother

Big Brother Naija Season 4 housemates Tacha, Ike and Joe have received strikes from Big Brother.

Tacha, Joe And Ike Receive Strikes From Big Brother on Day 43 of Big Brother Naija Season 4

The housemates seem to have become too comfortable inside Big Brother’s house with a growing list of infringements, tonight Big Brother reminded them that he is always watching as he issued two warm-up warnings before he got to the business of the day and issued three strikes for violence and threats thereof as they say “Judgement delayed is not judgement denied,”.

The big man started with giving Tacha a final warning for constantly being involved in fights inside the house, he warned that such hostility would only get her into more trouble as his house is not a fighting ring. Big Brother went ahead and advised Tacha to take better control of her reactions when angry.

Mercy received a final warning for damaging Big Brother’s property when she broke the Oppo Mobile phone at a Saturday Night Party, Big Brother warned Mercy to be in control of her temper and reaction regardless of other people’s actions towards her.

Next was Joe who received his first Strike for provocation for making a volatile situation worse, Joe got into a verbal argument with Tacha and left his couch to sit next to Tacha to provoke her. He then removed her duvet agitating an already irritable Tacha.

Big Brother asked Joe if agitating an already provoked person was a wise decision? He cautioned him to promote peace, happiness and fun during his stay in the Big Brother Naija house.

After receiving a warning for other bursts of anger, Big Brother issued Tacha her first strike for serving it back as e dey hot to Joe when she hit him. Big Brother advised that she should have handled herself better and diffused the situation by walking away.

Big Brother further warned all the housemates to control their temper or they will lose their place in his house, if either Joe or Tacha receive two more strikes they will be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.

And last but not least, Ike learned the hard way that actions have repercussions in the Big Brother Naija house, he received his second strike for intent to attack as fellow housemate (Seyi).

This simply means that if Ike receives a third strike, he will be disqualified from Big Brother Naija 2019 ‘Pepper Dem’. Big Brother told Ike that he should use this opportunity to develop his self-control skills and cautioned all of the housemates that in times of tension it is their responsibility to behave in a way that makes the house safe for all.

So do you think Big Brother was right to issue out strikes to Ike, Tacha and Joe? Please share your views with us by making use of our comment’s section below.

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