Day 46: Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemates Win Week 7’s 100% Wager

Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemates Win Week 7's 100% WagerAfter the task presentation in form of a Wedding Reception, Big Brother kept the housemates guessing whether or not they had won their 100% Wager.

They had Wagered 100% this week themed #BBWedding.

Big Brother had the Housemates up on their feet after Marvis and Efe’s wedding reception and commended them on a lovely event.

“You all put on a worthy show. However, Big Brother wonders if you could have done better? The food was late and this delayed the entire event. In fact, you were all late,” Big Brother noted.

He minced no words, as he told them that their wedding reception outfits were far below what he had expected. “You should have dressed better to compliment what Heritage Bank started this afternoon. Where are the beautiful clothes PayPorte sponsored you?” he wondered.

All this time, anxiety was written on some of the Housemates’ faces, as Big Brother continued, “Big Brother felt not all Housemates participated fully and wonders if you could have done more.”

He then asked them how they would rate their performance and HoH ThinTallTony spoke on behalf of his fellow Housemates, saying they felt they had performed well.

Big Brother continued, “Big Brother had gifts for you on this occasion but has decided against all these gifts. Big Brother thinks there’s only one befitting gift, that is, your Wager. Housemates, you have won your Wager!,”

The Housemates jumped and screamed with excitement, after minutes that seemed like hours, waiting for Big Brother to tell them whether or not they had won their Wager. A few hugs were shared among them, with Big Brother congratulating them thereafter.

Big Brother then informed that he did however, have a special gift for one Housemate and further asked them to select one Housemate they felt should receive the gift. The Housemates chose the birthday girl, TBoss, who was informed that she could pick one item of her choice in the Arena. She picked an alcoholic beverage, much to the excitement of the rest of the Housemates.

The Housemates then moved back into the House and settled down in groups of two or more, after a day filled with excitement and activities.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Also love Efe but if Efe fans can just stop insulting everybody against Efe…especially Marvis….seemingly, Marvis must sleep with Efe by force…its funny how fans r disgusting whilst the two inloved Efe and Marvis r getting along..despite their diferences! But God sees all this….n I hope it does not impact the ultimate voting!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol Marvis comes from a family of 22 siblings….which can possibly mean that her 13% came from family and relatives….because Efe fans were already advocating againsf voting for her ….Efe fans must really watch out because things can get dirty any time! Marvis is no treat to Efe but guyz like Bally, people can just gang up to prove a point to Efe fans! He got 40% what if the other 60% decide to gang against him…these stupid fans must b very careful….they r messing his game, seriously,! Im sayjng this bcause I want Efe to WIN

  5. Pope Ceder FERON says:

    Bassey should gv Debbie a chance

  6. Anonymous says:

    Debbie and TBoss should hit the road.. feel sorry 4 Debbie bt my plan will work if they leace before TTT…

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