BBNaija 2018 Day 53: Teddy A Affectionately Squeezes Bambam’s Pimples

Teddy A Affectionately Squeezes Bambam's PimplesBambam and Teddy A’s love in getting to another level now after the latter spent close to an hour squeezing the former’s pimples in the kitchen.

Some might find it bizarre that Teddy A spent almost an hour popping Bambam’s pimples in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoying it but there is actually a name for it – Ancephilia, also known as the “zit-fetish”.

They say that true intimacy happens when nothing is perfect and today’s moment in the kitchen was a perfect example of that.

Bambam and Teddy A have gone through many stages in their on-going relationship in the House but recent events show that they are only getting closer.

First last night’s admittance from Teddy A that he would choose a new relationship with Bambam over a life with his baby mama and this morning’s affectionate pimple popping session are signs that emotions appear to be going from strength to strength.

It is no secret that things have been tense in the House this week, but through all the fighting, tears and awkward moments Teddy A and Bambam remain steadfast.

During the Diary Sessions on Tuesday, many of the Housemates were vocal about their frustrations and general unhappiness at certain situations but Teddy A and Bambam were the polar opposite.

Bambam was positively beaming during her Diary Session, smiling from ear to ear and emanating positive vibrations while Teddy A said he felt at peace and was happy with the fact that there were now less Housemates in the House.

The relationship between Teddy A and Bambam may be all sunshine and rainbows for them but for many of the other Housemates it has become a source of contention.

For one, Teddy A has now become good friends with Cee-C who has been causing all sorts of drama in the House of late, especially with Nina. It is obvious that there is an unspoken wedge driven between the likes of Bambam and Cee-C, Nina and Alex.

Tobi is also not the biggest fan of their relationship, he basically told Bambam to her face that he thinks she is fake and that her relationship with Teddy A is not real.

No matter what anyone may say, Teddy A and Bambam certainly look the part of lovers and friends – What do you think of their union?

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