BBNaija 2018 Day 56: Cee-C’s Eyelashes Stand Out

Cee-C’s EyelashesBy overwhelming popular demand, we gave the floor to Cee-C’s eyelashes to respond to audiences.

I know you guys have never heard me but I know you always see me. Now that I have become really popular, it is high time, that I answer you. As you know, like the voluminous lioness weave, I am a silent extension of Cee-C’s will in the House.

Since entering the House, I have been an equal recipient of immense attention and torrents of attacks, yet have never once lost my shine through it all. You see, contrary to popular belief, I am not angry. It’s just that sometimes I feel like somebody will be getting it today, with the way they make me flutter.

Take Tobi for instance. As much as he and Cee-C hit it off from the start and extensively flirted, the guy was just not consistent and kept mocking me.

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Tobi had the guts to say that he had seen Cee-C without eyelashes and without hair. So I ask you: which self-respecting pair of eyelashes would tolerate such an affront? You all threw fire at me for giving him the side eyes, but from mine and Cee-C’s point of view, he totally deserved it.

When Big Brother brought us together in the House, divergence of opinion were always meant to happen. Many of you out there have also come at me for sending flutters of thunders in the direction of whoever Cee-C needed to make her case with. So I ask you: what else would you do if like me you were her ally? The truth is my role is to emphasize her messages throughout the House, and you will know by the length or volume of the day how far the messages are to be echoed.

Yet will all this, no one gives me credit when things go right in the House, which adds salt to the injury. Do you remember all the times when Lolu and Cee-C were up for Eviction? Well what do you think Saved them? If it wasn’t for my dramatically cryptic fluttering that got you all talking, these two would have left the House a long time ago. It is the same Lolu who had earlier described me as ‘wind shield’, that I very graciously helped extend his stay in the House.

Likewise, that I have contributed to the mending of Cee-C and Nina’s relationship was barely acknowledged. When Nina asked Cee-C to borrow me for the night, it made the two ladies connect at a level that only eyelash wearers can ever understand.

As Cee-C’s inseparable ally, it is my duty to ensure she makes it until the very end of the Double Wahala game.

Abeg, make una free me.

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