Day 57: Anto Lecky and Khloe Abiri Re-enter The Big Brother Naija 2018 House [Photos]

Anto Lecky and Khloe Abiri Re-enter The Big Brother Naija 2018 HouseAnto Lecky and Khloe Abiri are back and the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates certainly didn’t expect Big Brother’s post generosity surprise.

Peaceful sleep was disturbed by the sound of Big Brother’s rather strangely sounding alarm. The Housemates are used to it and even though they were woken up later than their usual waking time, the screams that came for the upstairs bedroom were nothing they could have anticipated.

Anto couldn’t hold herself back. When she saw that some had woken up, she was the first to shout, ‘we’re back’ and the Housemates quickly ran to the Head Of House Bedroom suite. Just like school kids returning from spring break, the shock and excitement from the Housemates was too visible to ignore.

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In disbelief, all trying to gather as much information at once, smiles and questions followed and all they could say was ‘we just flew in’ and Anto jokingly said she went out of the House to fetch Khloe. Shock Or worry? It was hugs and laughs all around with everyone suddenly fully awake and Anto and Khloe were really in the Big Brother House again.

However, Cee-C and Nina were not about all the excitement. Having been woken up by a Housemate they knew had left brought all kinds of shock and confusion and they were not afraid to show it. Nina even took time to be in her own zone which she came out of when one of the Housemates asked if she was alright.

A Genuine Welcome Back After the screaming and being clear that Anto and Khloe were really in the House, Bambam, Lolu and Rico Swavey showed immerse and genuine appreciation of their presence.

Anto Lecky and Khloe Abiri Re-enter The Big Brother Naija 2018 HouseThough other’s also welcomed them back it was nothing compared to the love they were given by these three. From there on, it was controllable chaos in the House with Housemates trying to get a piece of the returning Housemates.

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The generosity Biggie has displayed to the Housemates has them starting over on a clear slate, something that will trigger more competition from the Housemates.

Last night, Big Brother pulled a spin and reset the game which means going forward, all the transgressions of the Housemates have been forgiven with no hidden agenda.

Anto Lecky and Khloe Abiri Re-enter The Big Brother Naija 2018 HouseAll that Big Brother is asking is that the Housemates respect his House and his rules. We’ll just have to wait and see how the new set-up will be.

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