Day 57: Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Are Not Happy To Have Khloe Abiri And Anto Lecky Back

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Not Happy To Have Khloe Abiri And Anto Lecky BackThe Housemates’ reactions made it look like they were pleased that Anto and Khloe returned, but we know they aren’t.

If pretense was art, most of the Housemates would be acclaimed Picassos because the canvases they presented in the space of five minutes were so perfectly illustrated that Khloe and Anto probably came close to believing that their return was a pleasant surprise, but was it really?!

Khloe’s presence in the House, pre tri-Strike seems to have always rubbed the rest of the Housemates off the wrong way; having had more brawls that any of us could tally with both our hands, she either sprinkled the Housemates with threatening chills or simply irritated them.

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Looking back at the Housemates’ behaviour right after her disqualification, their shock was obviously due to the fact that they realised just how seriously Biggie took rule smashing offenses and not necessarily because they liked her enough to have her stay. She was also the first lady to have graced the HoH chair made her presence that much more undesirable.

On the other hand, there might have been a hint of ‘genuinity’ towards Anto’s unexpected return as hers was the most recent and looking at the history books, she has never brawled with anyone and the only person that could have had problems with her is Nina and Cee-C. Remember her cosy friendship with Miracle and Tobi?

Furthermore, the fact that she’s never won any individual challenges probably made the Housemates that much more comfortable with her unthreatening presence. Like Bambam, her gaming approach was simple, ‘at peace I let live, longer I will stay’. We could be wrong though.

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The two completely different personalities have certainly brought back the familiar bitter-sweet taste in the Housemates mouths and seeing as they thought they’d placed the game’s DNA on a flat surface and could manipulate it as they saw fit, Biggie’s biggest twist yet has turned their swans to ugly ducks and cracked their mirrors.

Although Anto and Khloe will NOT have unfair advantages in the game, their presence seems to reshuffled the other Housemates’ chance decks. We’re not complaining though, after all, this IS Big Brother, as we sip our cup of drama.

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