BBNaija 2018 Day 57: Tobi Bakre Wins Week 9 Head of House Title

Tobi Bakre Wins Week 9 Head of House TitleTobi Bakre wins Head of House for the fourth time and chooses Khloe Abiri as his luxury bedroom partner.

Tobi must be blessed with a gift or maybe it is his competitive nature but today he went on to win the Head of House challenge for the fourth time, making him the Head of House champion.

After Tobi won the title of Head of House after everyone opened the 120 envelopes provided by Big Brother, his reaction was one of total elation.

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While there were still chance cards to be opened, Biggie told Tobi he must choose one Housemate to share the luxury bedroom with.

Tobi surprisingly chose Khloe, must to the disgust of Cee-C. The complete horror was written all over Cee-C’s face.

The terms state that Tobi must share the bedroom only with his chosen partner. This is definitely going to bring the spice.

After winning Head of House, there are chance cards that determine what benefits you will get as this week’s Head of House, Tobi chose card 1 which gave him full immunity but did not allow him to save or replace any of the other Housemates.

Tobi looked disappointed at this as he probably wanted to have the chance to return the favour to the other half of his “bromance” in the House, Miracle. Thankfully Miracle was not put up for Nomination.

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Tobi has certainly done a complete 180 in the last 24 hours, he went from having two strikes in the House and being reprimanded by Big Brother to having both his strikes removed and then winning Head of House.

This is a record for the season but this week is definitely going to be a total Game changer with the King of Head of House choosing the controversial Khloe as his Queen.

How do you think this week will go with Tobi as Head of House?

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