Day 63: Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Win Week 9 Wager

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Win Week 9 WagerThe Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates have managed to win their 100% wager of this week.

A week that started out as surreal to the Housemates; waking up to Anto and Khloe’s return to having visitors in the House and the late night eviction of Bambam, has ended well with them winning the wager.

Not much to by because they wagered twenty five percent, the news came as a relief for them but not as much as guys in the House.

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Because they lost their turf wars to the guys, the ladies have been ordered to not participate in anything involving the shopping or they will be punished.

A surprise visit from former Super Eagles players was a pleasant surprise for the Housemates which saw them participating in a game of football in their own back yard.

The rest of the week saw them turning Biggie’s House into an art studio, each trying to come up with a powerful message for their national football heroes.

Each to their own, the arty pieces were well put together and the messages conveyed was unanimously of backing and rallying behind their National team till the end.

Ebuka’s happy moments with the Housemates were cut short when it was revealed that the visitor he brought came baring bad news, which saw Bambam leaving the House.

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With Big Brother always ready and full of twists the Housemates were left wondering if it could be one of those, an April fool’s joke or just a normal eviction.

The turf wars made it difficult for the Housemates to maneuver freely but at the end it all bore fruit. The Housemates won their wager and shopping will commence as soon as they’re told.

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