Efe Ejeba Slams ThinTallTony For His Betrayal Behaviour

Efe Ejeba Slams ThinTallTonyEfe Ejeba showed the world his realness when he freed his mind after week 6’s Saturday night party when everyone was asked to share something they liked and disliked about each other as housemates.

Most of them said what they had in their minds but when it was Efe’s turn, he talked about ThinTallTony behavior to his face endlessly saying he should be more blunt and direct about his feelings towards people instead of trying to be “diplomatic”and ThinTallTony didn’t budge. Efe only stopped when it now became as if he was digging more into it.

However, Efe has never called ThinTallTony out to complain about any specific issue. But he has made several remarks mostly subliminally accusing ThinTallTony of not taking one side on issues. The first time he brought it up, ThinTallTony explained the need for neutrality in resolving conflicts.

ThinTallTony didn’t and has never spoken to Efe how he really hates his guts, instead ThinTallTony’s reaction was to put Efe on the spot in this week’s nomination because he dared to tell him that he never took a stand. And guess what? This is where the beefing is coming from.

But as far as Efe and his Fans are concerned, they will rather prefer ThinTallTony to align with Efe in the spirit of belonging to same clique even if Efe was in wrong.

No doubt ThinTallTony had his reasons for nominating Efe, but he has acted very matured in mediating in arguments and conflicts in the house.

Efe’s fans will crucify even Jesus Christ if he should oppose Efe whether right or wrong. And now! Basing on logistics tomorrow’s nomination should be interesting as a result of this Drama!

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