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Stellah Nantumbwe ProfileReal Name: Stellah Nantumbwe

Age: 23

Country: Uganda

Ellah is a sales assistant with a BSc in Business Computing from Nsambya, Uganda.

She lists her favourite foods as ravioli, rice and chicken and her favourite books as Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady, and Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich.

She enjoys watching Reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York and Orange County.

Her favourite singers include India Arie, August Alsina, Beyonce, Rihanna and Sam Smith.

Her favourite place in Uganda is the Lake Bunyonyi Resort and she says that the best thing about Africa is “the warmness of the people”.

Ellah has 12 siblings and her Mom is her role model. Ellah is mostly proud of having become Miss Uganda 2013/14. She says, “it was a stiff competition and a strong test for me”.

She was inspired to enter Big Brother Africa Hotshots because “it unites Africa and is also a platform for me to advance”. She says that she’s “super excited and is looking forward to being on the show”.

Ellah describes herself as “charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophisticated”, and says that she’s a very determined person.

She also says to love charismatic people and values honesty and joyfulness in others. She specifically detests “lies and fake people”.

The feisty Ellah also says that if she were an animal, she’d be a lioness, because of all the power that comes with it.

She promises Africa a “cocktail of personality” with a rough edge.

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