Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa’s Profile

Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa is a Ugandan actor, radio and television personality. He is a former Big Brother Africa season 1 housemate where he represented Uganda in 2003, he finished in fifth place on Day 106 after receiving 1/13 votes to win.

Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa - Big Brother Africa Season 1 Housemate

Profile Summary:

Name:Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa
Age on entry:30
City of residence:Kampala
Occupation:Law student
Relationship status:Single
Star sign:Cancer
Education:University Degree (University of Wisconsin, USA)
Favourite food:Matooke
Favourite movie/actor:Samuel L. Jackson
Favourite song/singer:Bob Marley
Hobbies:Riding motorbikes, Talking politics, Listening to jazz
Bad habits:Picking my ears
Way to relax:Reading a good book
Hero:My Father
Phobias/Irritations:People who think they are the best
Motto:Take it one day at a time

With an mix of Italy and Uganda in his name, Gae is indeed a multi-faceted person. He is fluent in two languages and currently working on his Sesotho, he holds a degree in political science.

He has a strong sense of family orientation and would do anything to protect members of his family. If given the chance to develop a close relationship in the Big Brother Africa house, Gaetano would like to take it as far as possible as he is not a man with many inhibitions.

With the dream of living in the Caribbean Islands, this 30-year-old student is quite the ‘sous’ chef and can cook up a storm.

His love for sport, especially soccer, sees him on the field with friends on many weekends. Gaetano likes listening to music, especially to the sounds of George Benson and Bob Marley.

Asked what he would do if he won the $100 000 prize money, he says that he will help his dad pay off his debts, donate something to an Aids charity and eventually have a blast spending some of it!

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:106
Nominations received:13
Times nominated:4 (Week 4, 12, 13 & 15)

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