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Goitseone Kgaswane ProfileReal Name: Goitseone Kgaswane

Age: 22

Country: Botswana

Goitse hails from Mahalapye in Botswana. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ is her favourite place – “the comfort, a home-cooked meal and my family just make it my favorite”, she says.

She says the best thing about Africa is its history. South Africa is her favourite place outside of Botswana because she has ‘met great people there who have become family.

They also have a range of interesting official languages’, which are similar to those in Botswana.

Goitse says she entered Big Brother Hotshots for the adventure. “People from different countries in Africa, all under one roof, no contact with the outside world in any way? Now that’s amazing!” she says.

In her quest for the prize, she won’t pretend to be someone she’s not and if she wins, she’ll use the money to open a dance studio.

She says her mom is her role model because she’s a fighter and a survivor. Goitse describes herself as “free-spirited, fun and motivated”.

Goitse is “happy to entertain you.” With a street-smart fashion style and a personality she describes as “vibrant, bold and outgoing,” she is sure to be another exciting addition to the house.

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