Goitseone Kgaswane – “Samantha Ruined My Relationship With Idris”

Goitseone Kgaswane and Idris SultanIt’s two years since we watched the showmances of Big Brother Africa ‘Hostshots’ 2014 in which the winner Idris Sultan changed ladies from Botswana’s Goitseone Kgaswane, South Africa’s Samantha Jansen and later to Ugandan beauty Ellah real name ‘Stella Nantumbwe’.

The Tanzanian lad had a lot of fun with the ladies on the show, no wonder he was also called ‘Lover-boy’ in the circles of Big Brother that particular season.

However, from the look of things, Goitse seems to have been his ‘first love’ only that she was not the kind of lady to be taken for a ride, she wanted things to fall in place at the right time.

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In a recent interview, Goitse opened up on a lot of things and Idris some how came into the picture.

She was asked why they never got on even after the show and she’d this to say: “After the show, we had a chance but I wanted something private. Next thing I knew Samantha was in Tanzania.

It’s clear from her sentiments that Samantha’s stop in Tanzania put the last nail in her (Goitse) and Idris’ chance to get back together even though she admitted to like him.

On career/music Goitse said: “I’m gonna do a lot of music now,” so Africa should watch out for her.

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  1. He's fun and will shall shake the house down.

  2. dex wesley says:

    Timely piece , I am thankful for the details ! Does anyone know if I would be able to obtain a blank NC DoR NC-4 version to work with ?

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