Huddah Monroe reveals why she doesn’t wear dresses

Huddah Monroe ClothesKenyan socialite Huddah Monroe doesn’t like wearing dresses, she said she who grew up surrounded by boys and was a self-proclaimed tomboy.

From someone who wears literally very little, it comes as a surprise that Huddah doesn’t like wearing dresses.

Considering her killer curves and petite size, shouldn’t these be one of her fashion staples? I would, if it was left up to me but my opinion remains just that, my opinion.

While it has nothing to do with scars or bad legs, if there’s such a thing, her reason is very simple. She is a self-proclaimed tomboy who grew up surrounded by boys.

‘’Do you like me in dresses or pants? I hate dresses coz I can’t put my legs up! And the struggle to seat like a lady.

All my life I had always been a TOM BOY coz I don’t have a sister. I was always with my brothers, playing BANO on the streets. You can’t be my friend if you didn’t PLAY BANO. #ThrowBack.’’ She posted.

And if you ever wanted to know what it takes be her friend, there you go. You must be able to play bano. Simple! Can you?

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