Idris Sultan Mourns The Death Of His Unborn Twins

Idris Sultan Mourns Death Of His Unborn Twins After Wema Sepetu Suffered A MiscarriageJust the other day the celebrity couple was revealing plans for their unborn twins. And just 8 hours ago, Idris Sultan pops with the bad news.

Big Brother Africa: Hotshots winner, Idris Sultan, hooked up with Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz ditched her for Zari Hassan.

The two lovebirds decided to have kids together for the short while they have been dating. Wema surfaced with a ballooning belly and she confirmed she was expecting twins, Idris’ babies.

Babies and pregnancy is what the former Tanzanian beauty queen and her boyfriend have been talking about ever since.

Some 8 hours ago, Idris took to his Instagram account to mourn his unborn twins:

To my unborn twins,

So quickly you came into our lives,

So quickly torn away.

Never got the chance to meet you,

There’s so much I want to say. All these thoughts running through my head,

It’s enough to drive me insane.

Though you lived only 13 short weeks,

You were loved so very much.

I wish that I could hold you,

I long to feel your touch. I pray that in another life, We get the chance to meet. God brings and takes as he plans and we cannot complain but only pray that all that was for a better reason and a better plan in store for us. We have learnt lessons painfully but wont stop trying again and again and do swear by the time your brothers and sisters are made to come to this world we will be more than ready for them.

Sincerely Your Dad.

It is not clear how Wema Sepetu lost her pregnancy but unconfirmed sources indicated she could have had a miscarriage.

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