“I’m single and searching but not available to just anyone” – says Cee-C

Cee-C Single and SearchingBig Brother Naija 2018 housemate Cee-C reveals that she is single and searching for the perfect man.

The controversial housemate revealed her relationship status after her romantic partner Tobi Bakre put her up for eviction – Tobi who recently became Head of House decided to use his power to save Bambam and Leo leaving Cee-C and Lolu.

Cee-C, who is Big Brother Naija 2018’s most popular and controversial housemate, has decided to reveal some juicy details about her relationship outside the house.

During a discussion in the house, Cee-C had revealed that she is currently single. The beautiful lady further revealed that she wants to be in a relationship, adding that she has no desire to date just anyone even though she is searching. Cee-C said: “Me, I am single and searching but not available to just anyone,” She also talked about a guy named Diddy, claiming that she considers him a brother. “For me Diddy outside the house is more of a brother than a lover.

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Even though Cee-C and Tobi’s romantic relationship had been a roller coaster ride of fights and makeups, many believed that they had something going for them while others claimed the relationship was part of the game for viewers.

Cee-C could have revealed her relationship status to get back at Tobi who had used his power as Head of House to save Bambam and Leo while leaving Cee-C, his romantic partner and her strategic partner, Lolu to face eviction.

Meanwhile, Tobi who might not be affected by her revelation stated that he didn’t save Cee-C because she is toxic.

He further stated that she is the kind of lady any man should stay away from. Tobi said: “This is my principle. This is my life and what I believe. The way Lolu is talking, it makes me feel so bad but I just want people to also see things my way.

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