JJ Jerome Arab’s Profile

Jerome Arab ProfileReal Name: Jerome Arab

Age: 23

Country: Zimbabwe

JJ calls himself ‘an entertainer’ on the back of his work as a singer, rapper, actor, songwriter and director.

He entered Big Brother Hotshots because of the platform the show provides.

He says that viewers can expect to be entertained and to have him for a gym partner every morning.

If he wins the money, he’ll fix up his parents’ house, work on his first international album and donate some money to charity.

JJ loves Italian and Japanese food, his favourite book is Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

His favourite musicians includes Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and MiCasa’s J Something.

He loves the film American Gangster, which stars his favourite actor Denzel Washington.

He believes that the best thing about Africa is that “the people are all full of life”. He lives Inyaga in Zimbabwe, and hopes to return to Manchester in England, “home of the greatest football club and where I found my feet and my passion”, he says.

JJ prefers the company of ladies and has had his heart broken a couple of times.

The charming Zimbabwean enjoys cooking and for his strategy he will choose to let his personality entertain viewers.

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