Ka3na Refers To Dorathy As Ozo’s side chick, leaving Ozo fuming

Ka3na Refers To Dorathy As Ozo's side chick

Ozo nearly lost his cool last night after Ka3na referred to Dorathy as his ‘side chick’, something that he found very insensitive to say.

Ozo had to take advice from the real husbands of Big Brother Naija Lockdown ‘Season 5’ (Eric and Neo) over the disrespectful comment and name tag Ka3na has been using to describe Dorathy in the house or else lose his cool.

According to him, the self-acclaimed boss-lady referred to Dora as a side chick of his and he is not cool with it because countless times he has explained that Dorathy is just a good friend. Neo called it an expensive joke which should never be told, Eric agreed with him.

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To Ozo, such name tags only create bad images of him moreover being attracted to someone doesn’t mean there is something happening between them.

Check out the video below:

So do you agree with Ka3na’s assessment of Ozo and Dorathy’s relationship? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment box below.

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