Kacey Moore’s Profile

Kacey Moore's ProfileReal Name: Desmond Amidoo-Amoah

Age: 29

Country: Ghana

Born in Accra, Kacey Moore is married and has a daughter. He is a poet and songwriter.

He enjoys banku and okro stew and says his favourite books are the Bible, the dictionary and the thesaurus.

He likes Usher and Lauryn Hill’s music. He describes himself as a go-getter, as well as punctual, a leader, a creator and a voice.

His favourite quality is punctuality which is important to himself and others.

Entering Big Brother Hotshots was purely a business decision for him, seeking exposure to the rest of the world.

He promises viewers ‘a real person with no fakeness’. If he wins the grand prize, he’ll buy houses for his wife and mother and set up a recording studio so that he can record and release his album under his own label.

Kacey Moore promises to take Big Brother Hotshots to a new level with a strategy he calls a “secret strategy”.

The Ghanaian is annoyed by late-comers and prefers to steer clear of confrontation.

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