KimOprah Wins Week 1’s ‘Veto Power Game of Chance

KimOprah week 1 Veto Power Game of Chance winner

It was barely 24 hours into Big Brother Naija 2019 ‘Season 4’ and KimOprah had already started cashing in on good luck as she won the very first Veto Power Game of Chance.

According to Big Brother, the Veto Power Game of Chance is a game that will be played every Sunday night in the house among the housemates.

The winner of the game gets the ability to save and replace a nominated housemate even if they are the ones that have been nominated.

Big Brother then instructed the housemates to pick a key each from the 21 keys placed on the table from where they moved outside to a number of boxes.

Kim-Oprah was the only housemate to open a locker and retrieve an item inside, making her the winner of the Veto Power Game of Chance.

Congratulations KimOprah.

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