Lolu Flirts With Ahneeka And Vandora To Complete His Secret Task

Lolu Flirts With Ahneeka And Vandora To Complete His Secret TaskAs eventful and unbalanced as yesterday was for the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates, Big Brother shot things up a bit by throwing in two tasks for the housemates to get themselves busy on Big Brother Naija Day 10.

The headline and attention of yesterdays task was Lolu‘s secret task and his planned strategy to accomplish it in the little time he was given.

Lolu‘s secret task was for him to make one of the housemates fall in love with him and he has one more day to successfully bring it to fruition.

He has secretly targeted Ahneeka and Vandora as his love victims as he confessed in the diary room, and he is on the path to making sure he succeeds.

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After the rehearsal for the pantomime and the Presentation Task was over yesterday he began to chat and flirt with Ahneeka in the kitchen, making sure they exchanged laughs, smiles and making her as comfortable as he can in order to get her heart.

He got her talking about who she has feelings for in the house and told her the kind of girl he likes, which is engineered to make her see herself as a lady he likes.

As hopeful and bright as the task is going with Ahneeka, there is a little hiccup to it as the ladies know that Anto is Lolu‘s paired partner and they would not want to get on her bad sides not to start another cat fight.

We only hope Lolu‘s act isn’t transparent as the house knows he has a secret task which will keep the red light on him.

His other potential problem is the fact that the ladies, Ahneeka and Vandora have stated that they are happy with their partners, Rico Swavey and Dee-One and might not want to upset things now.

The unanswered questions are, will he also plan to make a play for Vandora, the lady who confessed to being raped by her boyfriend as he planned for Ahneeka? How will his secret task affect his pairing with Anto who once said she kissed Lolu the same way she has kissed other men and the pairing of the ladies? Will he succeed at his task? He has all but one more day to make this happen.

Lolu, the young man who enjoys eating, reading, travelling, playing video, as well as board games, is on his toes to finish the secret task given to him by Big Brother.

Lolu’s Dad as we know is unaware of his participation in Big Brother Naija but his sister is excited about it.

We keep our fingers crossed waiting to see how it ends.

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