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Macky2 ProfileReal Name: Mulaza Kaira

Age: 29

Country: Zambia

Hip Hop musician Macky2’s favourite book is 48 Laws of Power and his top TV shows are Suits, Crisis, Game of Thrones and Idols SA.

His favourite actor is Denzel Washington, because he’s able to play so many characters and bring each one to life.

Jay-Z is both his favourite musician and his role model – the latter because “he’s one of the most successful entertainers of our generation”.

His father has also played a huge role in Macky2’s life. He entered Big Brother Africa Hotshots because he believes that “people naturally fall in love with my personality, so I know I stand a chance of winning that grand prize and changing my life”.

Macky2 says he won’t lose himself and what he believes in, along the way. Describing himself as “a natural entertainer who’s loveable”, he says he always pushed himself and is never discouraged by setbacks. “I’m confident and I truly believe I can do anything I set my mind to,” he says.

The guy with a sense of humour who doesn’t crack jokes, points out his over-confidence and being self-centered as his worst traits and swears never to gossip, fight or have a romantic relationship in the house.

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4 Responses

  1. MK MARK II, We love you man.

  2. Macky2 you are an amazing guy to me nd i love you.

  3. Rich Quan says:

    this guy is really great and talented too

  4. Luis Tn says:

    Macky2 just keep it real man

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