Nina Ivy’s Diary Room And More Highlights Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Day 46

Nina Ivy Diary Room Day 46Following a stunning musical show, Housemates bounced back and kept the Double Wahala running in the House.

The Housemates had quite an active night. After their Musical Wager Finale the Housemates had Diary Sessions with a twist as Biggie replaced himself with Head of House Nina for the sessions.

The will to win the Nokia Task had Alex putting on make-up at 03:00 a.m. as she and Lolu worked through the night. In between all of that there was an ice-cream fight and dressing room table tennis.

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For the first time, Biggie granted Head of House Nina the privilege to hold Diary Session on his behalf. He ordered Housemates to stay in the bedroom while she prepared herself, and had a Ninja deliver a large green notebook with a pen for her to write on.

At first intimidated, Nina sat comfortably in the chair, and couldn’t repress her giggle whenever she would call her fellow Housemates to come to the lounge. The Housemates except for Rico Swavey kept their Diaries short and to the point, being sure not to let Nina into their deepest thoughts.

Upon Biggie’s orders, the only Housemate excluded from the Diary Session was Tobi as he still being punished for ignoring Big Brother last week.

Nina was set on her task of feeding her fellow Housemates until Alex walked in the kitchen with a spoon solidly set in a bucket of ice cream.

Enticed by the sweet sugary smell, Nina dropped everything and tried to plant her own spoon into Alex’s bucket to no avail. Alex ran away, jealously guarding the ice cream, until finally she conceded to allow Nina to scoop some in order to restore the peace in the kitchen.

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Alex and Lolu woke up in the early hours of the morning to work on their Nokia Task. Alex even put on make-up at past 03:00 a.m. so that they could shoot their scenes. This is the most dedication we have ever seen from Alex apart from being the queen of the dance floor. Has Leo’s Eviction made her shift her paradigm?

The Housemates have made the dressing room more than just that. It’s been used as a dance floor, psychology room, hiding place and as of late a table tennis challenge room. Tobi, Lolu, Teddy A and Rico took turns playing tennis table on the island unit, surrounded by a glorious mess, nonetheless happy as can be.

It was difficult for the Housemates to wake up this morning which is completely understandable based on the night’s activities. Music finally got them out of bed, we have a lot to look forward to as the Nokia Task culminates today. Which team do you think will win this Task?

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