Permithias Profile

Permithias' ProfileReal Name: Elioth Owosebo

Age: 25

Country: Namibia

Professional sushi chef Permithias unsurprisingly lists sushi as one of his favourite foods, alongside pizza.

He doesn’t have a favourite book, but enjoys watching The Originals on TV.

A fan of animation, Permithias’ favourite films are Turbo and Happy Feet, while he also likes the music of Chris Brown, James Blunt and Joe Tomas.

His mom is his role model, because she provided for the family with “nothing but blood, sweat and tears”. He is the eldest of five children; he has three sisters and a brother.

Permithias says that becoming a chef is his greatest achievement so far, because it “opened a window” for himself and his family.

He was inspired to enter Big Brother Africa Hotshots because he’s been watching the show for years but won’t sell his soul or lose his self-worth in the process.

Asked how he feels knowing that the whole continent will be watching him 24/7, he says: “scared, but it will all come together the way it should”.

If he wins, he’ll take care of his Mom and open his own restaurant. Permithias says he’s easy-going, open-minded and “down for whatever is fun” and enjoys others who are also open-minded.

Permithias is proud to be Namibian because of the unity back home. Were he an animal he’d be a horse with wings because he values freedom.

He is a well spoken and rounded person and reckons fellow housemates may view him as a threat for that.

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