Prezzo’s Girlfriend Involved In Nasty Fight With Fellow Actress

Prezzo's Girlfriend Michelle Involved In FightPrezzo’s girlfriend Michelle Oyola has undressed Pendo, another top Kenyan socialite and fellow actress to expose her not so attractive body.

What could these two Nairobi Diaries actresses be fighting about? Michelle Oyola wants to spill Pendo’s blood.

Prezzo’s fiancé took to the social media to literally strip Pendo. The two have been fighting each other on Nairobi Diaries and now it seems their beef has spilled over to the social media.

Michelle posted an old photo of Pendo which she had posed naked going on to remind her she didn’t deserve to talk smack about her when she was taking disastrous birthday suit photos.

But why were you crying yesterday did I hurt your feelings? #caged animal You can’t talk nun to me when you take such pictures… And I ain’t gon say it no mo! PUT SOME RESPECK ON YOURSELF.” Michelle fired at Pendo.

She went on to call the socialite a whore who didn’t know her position in the food chain.

This hoe couldn’t test even if her name was pop quiz!!! Know your fuckin position in the food chain before you get your ass whooped againnext time you won’t be able to talk sweery.. #REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD”.

Well it seems Prezzo’s character is rubbing off ‘so well’ on his girlfriend.

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