Prezzo Given Stern Warning To Keep Off Other People’s Wives

Prezzo Given Warning To Keep Off Other People’s WivesPrezzo has been given stern warming to desist from hitting on other people’s wives! A threat he shouldn’t dare ignore.

Memories of Prezzo giving a married Betty Kyallo hard time on KTN’s Friday Briefing are still fresh. Perhaps that’s the reason why concerned folks are worried about Prezzo hitting on married women.

“Prezzo Be Warned: Kibera Man Tied To Rails After Banging Someone’s Wife” Twitter bigwig Nyakundi penned an open letter to Prezzo.

Nyakundi embedded a video showing a seasoned philanderer who was busted screwing someone’s wife. The womanizer was tied to a railway track just before a train passed and bisected him into two halves.

The message Nyakundi was trying to pass to Prezzo was that if he doesn’t stop fooling around with other people’s wives the same fate could befall him.

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