Prezzo ‘Slapped’ At A Night Club! Sometimes It Gets Nasty

Prezzo Slapped At A Night ClubHe may have held his own during a gun-fight outside with a military-guy at a popular Nairobi club two years ago, but he was apparently no match for a hulky-man who came bearing slaps.

The Star reports that Prezzo ended up in a brawl and got slapped after he tried nyemelearing a hottie in Skyluxx last Friday.

An excerpt from the article reads:

Prezzo was busy being sleek, throwing punchlines after punchline to notice the hulk-like looking male companion had returned to the table,” a source at the club that night told Word Is.

The dude got angry and slapped Prezzo across his face before his entourage stepped in to shield him from being hit again. This commotion saw the club security intervene.

Prezzo has however come out to deny that he was slapped or was even at the club on Friday.” I was just Chilling with my girl taking whiskey, I did not get out of the house the whole weekend, that story was fabricated” he said.

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