Prezzo Takes An HIV Test And Shares The Results Online

Prezzo Takes An HIV Test And Shares The Results OnlineControversial female ‘rapper’ Noti flow recently revealed on Snapchat that she had enjoyed a steamy roll in the hay with Prezzo.

And to back up her claims, Noti Flow shared some photos with Prezzo in her bed looking thoroughly exhausted and beady-eyed but with that sex after-glow.

While Noti Flow preferred to flaunt their session like a trophy, Prezzo decided to keep their session under wraps but didn’t seem to mind when this photo came out.

On that day, Noti joined the long list of female celebrities Prezzo has managed to bed , after all he is not called King Mswati for nothing.

About two weeks after their sex session, Prezzo has decided to take an HIV test to shut his critics who often commented on his weight loss , his lifestyle and some of the women he has bedded.

Since he wants everyone to shut it with the HIV talk, he shared the results of his HIV screen test taken at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital to shut the haters and also use this as a teachable moment to his followers.

“Know ur status, I just had to coz some of y’all talk too much #GodsSon #Alhamudulillah #Rapcellency“ he captioned the photo.

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