Prezzo’s ‘HIV’ Status Shocks Fans!!

Prezzo HIV StatusKenyan music star as while as former Big Brother: Star Game representative, CMB Prezzo has shocked the fans with his ‘HIV’ status.

This comes after star (Prezzo) publicly shared his “HIV Status” results days ago on his Instagram, and the results perversely inclined to the disagree of people’s expectation.

To much as various celebrities fail to get the courage to share such, Prezzo just like the late prominent Ugandan Singer Philly Bongore Lutaaya became the examples.

He shared a copy of his scanned Hospital result slip displaying status. Since rumors were taking rounds that he is suffering from the deadly incurable disease due to weight loss but the singer showed the results to turn the rumors down. And we believe he has done so.

In the results, Rapper Prezzo showed that he is still negative and to prove he scanned the copy of the result slip showing the results and then he captioned; Know ur status, I just had to coz some of y’all talk too much #GodsSon #Alhamudulillah #Rapcellency (sic).

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