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Stefan Ludik is a Namibian actor, reality TV star, musician, television personality, former cricketer, polygraph examiner and forensic psycho-physiologist. He is a former Big Brother Africa season 1 housemate where he represented Namibia in 2003 and became the seventh and final housemate to be evicted from the show on Day 98 after receiving 7/13 votes to evict.

Stefan Ludik - Big Brother Africa Season 1 Housemate

Profile Summary:

Name:Stefan Ludik
Age on entry:22
City of residence:Windhoek
Occupation:Polygraph Examiner and Forensic psycho-physiologist
Relationship status:Single
Star sign:Aries
Education:International Diploma in Forensic Detection (American International Institute of Polygraph, Pretoria)
Favourite food:Sushi
Favourite movie/actor:Boogie Nights / Hugh Grant
Favourite song/singer:Resurrection / HIM
Hobbies:Loves listening to music, exercising and cricket
Bad habits:Leaving work undone until the last minute
Way to relax:Gym, playing my guitar, standing on my hands
Hero:My father
Phobias/Irritations:Not getting enough sleep
Motto:Love can open the hearts of men

Sweet and cute, Stefan seems to be the kind of man every mom would love. It’s no wonder that he shares a close relationship with his mother, whom he describes as “a friend I can easily discuss personal issues with. We talk about everything from sex, love, rock n roll and work – she’s the best mom!”

Stefan isn’t particularly fond of making plans as far as his weekends are concerned and would rather make the decision when faced with it.

Zulawski and Wiclander’s Interviewing & Interrogating book remains one of his favourite reads as well as articles on these topics.

The sexy Namibian shares a love for sushi and music with his friends and describes Namibia as “majestic, beautiful and adventurous with an interesting history and diverse cultures.”

Asked what he would do if he won the $100 000 prize money, he simply says, “I’ll spend it wisely”.

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:98
Nominations received:13
Times nominated:3 (Weeks 4, 8 & 14)
Evicted:Sunday 31 August 2003

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