Tacha Explains To Mike Why She Acts Differently

Tacha and Mike having a conversation in the garden on Day 24

Hours after Tacha got back into the house with Seyi following their fake eviction on Sunday, she had a conversation with Mike over their quarrel on Saturday.

Mike said that he never liked her energy while she was in the house and that the housemates also felt happy when she left.

“Tacha, I’m going to keep it hundred with you.

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“Before you left, I didn’t like your energy, and when you left, I felt elated even the house could agree,” he said.

Tacha, responding, said she is not surprised, adding that either way, she would still remain in the house till ‘99th day.

Other housemates also reacted to Tacha and Seyi’s return to the house.

However during a private conversation between the two “Pepper dem gang” housemates, Tacha, in tears, recounted some challenges that made her become who she is perceived to be.

She, however, told Mike that it was unfair for him to ask her to be someone else.

“Everyone has gone through different stuff as I said.

“Mike, deep inside of me, it is really unfair for you to want me to be what you think I should be,” she said.

Tacha, however, apologized to Mike for disrespecting him, while promising to become a better person.

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