Tapuwa Mhere’s Profile

Tapuwa Mhere is a Zimbabwean public relations officer and reality TV star, she is a former Big Brother Africa season 1 housemate where she represented Zimbabwe in 2003, she finished in third place on Day 106 of the show after receiving 2/13 votes to win.

Tapuwa Mhere - Big Brother Africa Season 1 Housemate

Profile Summary:

Name:Tapuwa Mhere
Age on entry:26
City of residence:Harare
Occupation:Public Relations Officer
Relationship status:Single, but just out of a 5 year relationship
Star sign:Gemini
Education:Bachelor of Social Science (University of Cape Town, RSA) and Higher Diploma (Rhodes University, RSA
Favourite food:Seafood, peanut butter
Favourite movie/actor:Kirsten Dunst, Britney Murphy, Angelina Jolie and any young and sassy female
Favourite song/singer:Nina Simone
Hobbies:Drawing, Exercising, Writing
Bad habits:Lazy sometimes, inflexible
Way to relax:Exercise, sleep or talk to someone sympathetic
Phobias/Irritations:Dogs and heights
Motto:Everything happens for a reason

Being African means laughing out loud to Tapuwa Mhere. It also means “a sense of community and values.”

She also says that incompetence and being patronised are the two things she hates the most. It’s little wonder then that the 26-year-old honestly describes herself as “very opinionated”.

She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She works out and is set on emulating the tough look that Jennifer Garner sports on Alias.

A TV, movie and music buff, Tapuwa’s musical tastes are diverse ranging from 50 Cent to Kylie Minogue.

Her favourite food is peanuts and she loves to listen to talk radio. Tapuwa would like her Big Brother Africa role to be “positive, enriching, restful, exciting and life-changing” but she is worried that she’ll take up smoking again if put under an unusual amount of stress.

Season Highlights:

Days spent in the house:106
Nominations received:13
Times nominated:5 (Weeks 4, 6, 8, 14 & 15)

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