TBoss Idowu And Debie-Rise Happy That Housemates Failed To Raise Enough Points From Big Brother’s 5 Missions

TBoss Idowu And Debie-RiseWhile the Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates sat down to enjoy their rewards last night, some of the m around to smirk at the efforts of everybody else.

Big Brother’s housemates went into the Store Room to retrieve the bags of goodies left in there for them by Big Brother.

It was their bottle of champagne as well as individual packages of home cooked meals for them. The Housemates had been contemplating cooking some indomie noodles for supper but the delivered delicacies trumped that idea immediately.

While the Housemates took their meals and sat down to enjoy the food, Debie-Rise took her food outside to the garden and she was followed by TBoss. The pair sat down to eat and immediately seemed to share a congratulatory smirk. Then TBoss remarked to Debie-Rise that she had done exactly what they both had spoken about earlier, which was to sabotage the Tasks as much as possible in order to ensure that the team would not reach a meaningful points tally.

The fact is that the housemates had aimed to chase down a minimum total of 43 points in order to unlock the benefit of being able to save one of the Nominated Housemates, and the ladies had suggested to each other that if this points tally was reached, it still wouldn’t benefit either of them because the clique would ultimately save one of their own; in this case, either Marvis or Bally.

The ladies joked at the fact that the other Housemates didn’t even cotton on to their antics and seemed visibly pleased with themselves for getting a one-up over their rivals.

And that being said, all the four Nominated Housemates are still up for possible Evictions at the next Live Evictions show coming up this Sunday, and it would be curious to see if the concocted plans by TBoss and Debie-Rise will work to their favour.

So do you think TBoss and Debie-Rise did the right thing?? Share with us your views by leaving a comment in one of our comment boxes below..

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    What Tboz and debby did was actually not good. what if it will be one of them going home on Sunday, what difference is going to make? The problem is that they think they are very popular because they have been saved several times without knowing what percentage. If they knew the % then they would not have been behaving like they have already won. These two witches should be taught a lesson in their lives. This is just a game which will not take them in heaven.

    The pipo they hate may be actually better to associate with. Debby maybe her friend can use beauty colour to survive but unless the structure and chasing and crying for man who has no feelings for her shame Debby

    • Anonymous says:

      by the look of things as per the polls, Tboss is the one in danger. If only she knew the stats of the polls. OMG….

    • Anonymous says:

      of course dear one of them is going homeI dont think what they did is wrong, its just that it makes no difference!

  2. Thanni says:

    These two are just not playing the game, because they don't even understand what they are doing, let them use the next exit route, BBN is meant for brilliant players not the likes of Tdull and Debie-fall

  3. Yes o, 4:2, the clique will like to save their person, I can see efe fans voting for marvis and Bally just because they are in the same clique, tboss and Debbie did well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what they did makes no difference because anyway, the clique was intending to put up Marvis who is already out of danger! people must just know that sometimes u have t be evil when u r playing a game and must stop judging the other 4! They r playing, all it is

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