Teddy A Warns Vandora Not To Gossip About His Relationship Outside The Big Brother House

Teddy A Warns VandoraBig Brother Naija 2018 alpha male housemate Teddy A warned gossip girl Vandora against gossiping about his relationship status outside the Big Brother house.

It was Bambam who spilled the beans about Vandora’s comments about her relationship with Teddy A and he reacts.

It is unarguable that The Big Brother House is a universe floating in its own galaxy and the Housemates are faced with foreign comets hitting from all directions.

So it’s a no shocker that their behaviours change accordingly. After all, we are political animals and are constantly required to adjust, adapt and accept; and according to Teddy A, What happens in the ‘Biggieverse’, stay in the ‘Biggieverse’.

Ever since Biggie brought the pairing ‘plague’ to some and ‘blessing’ to others, the dynamics have changed more than a woman that’s being courted changes outfits; with some pairs going from strategic to romantic, aboard the ‘frenemyship’, through the tunnel of indifference and back again.

Proving by the day that having a House oozing 20 shades of ego, we’re bound to see multiple shades of each Housemate respectively.

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Ever since Teddy A and Bambam hinted romance, their ‘union’ has been surrounded by flirtatious controversy and attracted commentary.

During one of their gists, Vandora mentioned something about people having external relationships yet full blown courting in the House.

While Bambam tried to defend her ‘I know he’s cheating but I don’t mind, as long as he returns home to me’ theory; probably driven by the fact that Teddy A has never tried to hide that he has a serious relationship outside the House but still manages to draw her in and she happily obliges; Vandora’s view was that she condones cheating and to a certain degree, accepts emotional abuse.

Bambam was obviously sourly moved by the lowkey attack launched by Vandora and spilled to her bae Teddy A who reacted by summoning Vandora and letting her know that he’s not trying to divulge his personal life and what’s happening between him or anybody else is purely game related. Basically telling her to mind her own business.

Vandora clapped back by letting him know that she’s very aware of the fact that it’s a different world in there because she has a boyfriend but still manages to feel some type for Dee-One who happens to have the ‘are you married?’ cloud hovering over him.

While that’s a story for another day, it’s clear that the Housemates aren’t bothered about their lives outside the House and seem to have adopted the ‘live and let live’ theory. How this will affect the aftermath, only tonight’s Evictees will know.

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