Uriel Oputa Reveals The Secret Task Given To Her Yesterday By Big Brother

Uriel Oputa Reveals The Secret Task Given To Her By Big BrotherBig Brother Naija 2017 day 2: Yesterday we informed about Uriel’s frustrating secrete task given to her by Big Brother.

Uriel was called in the Diary room for her session and was given a difficult secret Task by Big Brother, he gave her until today morning fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Big Brother asked her to do.

And it was, If she was to read the card, she would not be eligible for any form of immunity for 2 weeks, even if she won the Head of House Task. If she didn’t read it, she would be eligible for immunity as per the task.

There was a catch, though, if Uriel was to read the card, it would help her fellow Housemates in the upcoming Task and they would be eligible for a big reward and the Housemates could suffer a big loss if did not. The stakes couldn’t be higher with the Housemates wagging 100% on their assignment.

Uriel was also instructed to read the card to the Housemates and she has done it as instructed by Big Brother. So lets wait for the results as housemates are performing the TASK right now where they are supposed to reposition items back into there strategic location through Uriel, Bally and Efe.

Do you think they will earn the marks for this wagger?

Stay tuned for more updates from Big Brother Naija Hosuse.

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