Big Brother Naija 2018 Day 2 Highlights

Big Brother Naija 2018 Day 2 HighlightsThe Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates all swore that their respective teams were the best and geared towards winning their challenges.

They praised their rapid bonding skills, blessed communal efforts and celebrated individual talents amongst them. As a testimony to their confidence, not one Housemate expects to lose.

Yet beneath the veneers and the jokes, all are ready for a good fight as coalitions form and uniform. Teddy A for one wants Nina out at the first chance. K. Brule is aware of colourism working against him.

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Khloe is ready to bite anyone who gets too close to her. And even those who appear self-effaced may not be as clueless as they let it transpire. Alex for one doesn’t trust a soul in the House.

In between these startling revelations, Big Brother rubbed it in Housemates a little deeper by asking them what they missed the most from home.

While the memory of their loved ones had most gazing at the camera, only the brave ones held it up long enough to pay a full tribute and name them one by one.

The biggest surprises came from Dee-One, Ifu Ennada, Bitto and Vandora who completely melted out and uncontrollably cried of relief, regret or remorse.

And it was not just one touchy moment, but a succession of meltdowns as bizarre and sudden as can possibly be.

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