Crying Out Loud For Love, Khloe Abiri And Alex Asogwa In A Complicated Love Situation

Khloe K. Brule Leo and Alex love triangleThere’s a very complicated love situation inside the Big Brother Naija 2018 house that involves Alex Asogwa, Leo Dasilva, Khloe Abiri and K. Brule.

When making entrance to Big Brother’s house, businessman Leo described himself as a fiercely protective lion, and the man has lived up to his caring disposition. People have a way of soothing when he is around, and girls particularly confide in him, not feeling any of the intimidation they feel from some other males.

And close to midnight, Khloe and Leo shared a one-to-one, in a genuine way, a skill Leo said he learned from being raised in a single-parent home by his mother’s example. Theirs was a really soft and fluffy chat that nonetheless turned out sour for Khloe.

As the discerning and tactful Head of House that she is, Khloe asked Leo if he liked Anto, and he nodded that he did appreciate her, though in a non-physical manner he added.

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Khloe tried to extract information from him without burning too much of her secret, and slipped into the conversation that she liked Leo, a move that sadly backfired at her.

In fact Leo admitted to have growing feelings for Alex, but then again he was at odds with himself for he described his emotions as ‘platonic’ for now. In a brilliant, lionhearted fashion, Leo also said he thought Alex was a fragile heart, and he didn’t want to play it like Teddy A and Bambam.

Among all the girls in the House, and not just because they were first paired up, Leo said he liked Alex for her genuineness: under any circumstances, Alex’s emotions are transparent for all to see as she cries rivers of happiness, sadness or anger. She truly is a softie whose language of love is physical: Alex has been very tactile whether with guys or girls, which may explain why some Housemates have complained that she invaded their private space. At the core, Alex is also falling for Leo.

But Khloe was forced to conceal her disappointment, and moreover had to resign herself to the fact that K.Brule was burning for her attention. In summary, K.Brule likes Khloe who likes Leo who likes Alex.

How do you think this will all end up?

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