Day 29: Big Brother Nullifies Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 5 Nominations

Big Brother Nullifies Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 5 NominationsAs per today’s Big Brother Naija 2017 week five live nominations updates, Big Brother decided to nullify the nominations which had been made by the housemates.

This comes after two housemates Kemen and Marvis earlier today before the Live Nomination Show were “caught on camera” conspiring on who they should nominate which violated the “ Big Brother Naija House Rules and Regulations”. Hence leading to the cancellation of this week’s nominations and Big Brother together with the viewers will decide on who to be Evicted come this Sunday on the LIVE EVICTION SHOW.

And now, the decision has been taken, This week’s eviction is under the decision of Big Brother and the viewers. Now the big fight for “who will be evicted and who will not?” is anticipated.

To take you back, Big Brother summoned housemates one by one to this week’s Nomination Session and he was giving them 45 Seconds to decide and choose two housemates they feel should be nominated this week. Here is how it went down respectively;

– Bally : Jon and Bassey

– TBoss : Bally and Uriel

– Uriel : Ese and Jon

– Marvis : Ese and Debie-Rise

– Jon : Bally and Marvis

– Debie-Rise : Ese and Jon

– Bassey : Efe and Ese

– ThinTallTony : Uriel and Efe

– Ese : Uriel and Bassey

– Efe : TBoss and Ese

– Kemen : Ese and Jon

– Bisola : TBoss and Uriel

Also remember, Bally and Bisola were to be immune for nomination after Bally decided to use “The Green Advantage Card” and also Bisola stunned by a quiz participated by three housemates during yesterday’s LIVE EVICTION SHOW where Bassey won a traditional Nigerian dish and Bisola was the big winner with an exemption from Nominations this coming week and TBoss washing the house dishes for a week. But later Big Brother decided to forward the advantages for next week (WEEK 6) due to act of housemates, Kemen and Marvis.

Who do you think will be evicted from the House according to viewers and Big Brother’s opinion?

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8 Responses

  1. Joshua Gabriel says:

    Pls Efe shud not go

  2. Anonymous says:

    I vote for EFE to stay in the house

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bisola is getting my vote to stay in the house

  4. Anonymous says:

    Efeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gets my vote

  5. nwugo sunday says:

    Uriel should leave she is fake

  6. Helen Godwin says:

    Efe is fake, boring and mean. He wanted to die cos coco replace him and wen he put up gifty d following week, everything was cool by him. I love d way Marvis clear his tot and ttt as well.bassey for d money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    T Boss should be eliminated. She thinks highly of herself and always angry on her fellow housemate. she take jokes too personal. very boring and not contributing much to the house

  8. 9ijaok says:

    Efe you are the man the house

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