Day 9: Thelma And Esther Involved In A War Of Words

Thelma and Esther fight

There was a spicy verbal fight between Thelma and Esther this morning.

Thelma and Esther locked horns today in the Big Brother House. Pepper Dem Housemate Thelma did not take it kindly when Esther tried to correct her about using an appropriate tag for people with Down syndrome and things escalated quickly between the two Housemates.

The origin of this started dicey matter from their discussion on the Wager Task Big Brother gave them to do. During their brainstorming session, Sir Dee and Esther corrected Thelma for calling mentally challenged people “imbecile”. But it seemed like Esther’s correction pissed Thelma off because she flared up like a fuel induced flame.

According to Thelma, Esther corrected her in a mannerless way and she wasn’t having any of it. “You don’t know how to correct somebody” she screamed in Esther’s face.

She went on to tell Esther that when next she wants to correct her, she should do so like a human. Wow! someone is really spicy.

Apparently, Thelma has been counting the number of times Esther had offended her in the House as she said this was not the first time Esther was stepping on her toes.

Sir Dee, Ike and Tuoyo settled the matter temporarily by telling Thelma that she was wrong for her actions and they should learn to be sensitive to these issues because they are entertaining a diverse audience and should put that into consideration all the time. Ike was of the opinion that the ladies should conserve their energy for something useful instead of fighting.

All seems well now but for long?

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