Day 23: Esther And Frodd Caught Enjoying It

Esther and Frodd

Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates Esther and Frodd were caught enjoying eating the forbidden fruit last night.

Esther and Frodd who shared their first k!s5 during last night’s ‘Truth or Dare’ game were clearly caught on camera eating the forbidden fruit in the night under the duvet.

Actually before Frodd ate Esther’s cookie, they had earlier on had some fun together during the housemates’ ‘Truth or Dare’ game that also took place last night.

It all started when the housemates decided to play the ‘Truth or Dare’ game to keep themselves excited.

Esther was dared to k!s5 Frodd who has been trying to date her and even cried when she declined his request.

She however obliged and k!ss£d him, his heart melted after the k!s5.

The pair were not done though, Esther also gave Frodd a l@p dance last night.

Esther also had this to say last night: “I never thought my friendship with Frodd would turn into a love story.”


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2 Responses

  1. Eric Ayala says:

    I’m really surprised with this because Esther pretends like she does not love Frodd but when Biggie switches off the lights she begins loving him, anyway let them enjoy after all they’re both adults.

  2. Ity says:

    Lovely… At last

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