“I’ll get you a Ring from London and source the diamond from Botswana” –Kiddwaya brags to Nengi infront of Ozo

Kiddwaya Brags To Buy Nengi A Ring In Front Of Ozo

Kiddwaya wore his bragging boots as he approached Nengi and hit on her as she is alleged to be entangled with Ozo.

Kiddwaya bragged to Nengi in front of Ozo as Ozo was left speechless because Kiddwaya was talking about ultra wealth.

Nengi called his name playfully, as he asked her to say her name with his own.

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He asked then Nengi to tell her to pick a finger which she wants to put a ring on. Kiddwaya then goes on to say that he’ll purchase a ring from London and source for the diamonds in Botswana for her.

Ozo’s facial expression suddenly changed.

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