“The Only thing Ahneeka does in the house is treat her pimples” – says Dee-One

Dee-One Speaks About Ahneeka's PimplesOne of the evicted contestants on the Big Brother Naija 2018 ‘Double Wahala’, Dee-One has given his perception of housemates on the show.

Dee-One, who’s a comedian had a chat with NAIJ TV, recently and being his comic self, he revealed who he feels are being fake in the house and who are real.

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Dee-One who said housemate, Ahneeka is only concerned about the pimples on her face, also explained his beef with another rising comedian Ebiye.

He was asked why he would decide to go for the show, being a married man.
– For me, it was about the opportunity. My marriage coming out was not a problem and I’d have preferred for it to remain private. About my marriage certificate being leaked, I wanted to take legal action against the person that did it but I just let everything go.

How he controlled himself in the house and why he did not misbehave
– It’s all about respect and I would never take advantage of anyone in the house and besides, getting physical with the ladies in the house wasn’t part of my plans.

When asked if it was right to be on the Big Brother Naija show as a pastor’s son. He responded saying:
– A large number of people think the show is morally deficient but it is the most watched reality show in the country. Who dey watch am? Let’s stop the hypocrisy abeg. I stood for what Christians respect but I was still voted out.

On his perception about the other housemates, Dee-One says,
– The ones being real in the house, we know them. The likes of Miracle, Nina, Tobi, Bambam, are all fake. Miracle and Nina are just fake.

For example, both of them pray before they sleep. After prayer, they then start kissing. Are they inviting God or devil into their union? Ifu Ennada is just being herself. Bitto is a smart person; Rico Swavey is a cool guy, Teddy A is real.

Despite the fight, Angel is a correct guy I really like him. Cee-C is my person. She is not a terrible person. Anto doesn’t talk much because she primarily grew up in the U.S.A. Alex is herself a 100% she has fallen in love with Leo.

Leo is just looking at her. He has no business being in the Big Brother Naija house, he is so brilliant. Ahneeka really doesn’t do anything in the house apart from treat her pimples. I think she is also very brilliant.

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