Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 11 Task: ‘Have Nots’ To Spoon-Feed The ‘Haves’

ThinTallTony Spoon Feeds TBoss IdowuBig Brother Naija 2017 Day 11 has kicked-off with an interesting normal task where ‘Have Nots’ are to spoon feed the ‘Haves’ in all the Dinning activities.

While with exception of House Joker Debie-Rise and Igwe Efe, The Normal Task of the day is breakfast lunch and dinner.

So the concept is, The Haves are to choose one of the Havenots to spoon feed them basing on the normal daily activity of the day. Here is who to feed who?

Gifty to feed Bassey

ThinTallTony to feed Tboss

CocoIce for Bally

Kemen to feed Marvis

Bisola to feed Soma

Miyonse to feed Uriel

In addition, The have nots are also to clean up the Mess of the Haves in the activity.

Wow! can’t wait to see ThinTallTony feeding TBoss..

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  1. Endy Jumbo says:

    I really want TBOSS and MIYONSE to be real lovers,,,,TBoss is soft and lovable,,,,same goes to Gifty and Soma i wish the two parties can turn to true love

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