Day 43: Seyi Wins Head Of House Title

Seyi has won week 7’s Head of House title thereby breaking a record as the first housemate of Big Brother Naija season 4 ‘Pepper Dem’ to win the Head of House title for two consecutive weeks.

Seyi wins Week 7 Head of House Title

The Task for the Head of House contest for this week was tagged the impossible line. But unlike the previous challenge, only eight out of the eighteen Housemates were allowed to participate.

Remember Big Brother decided to make a scapegoat out of some members of the Pepper Dem gang for their disobedience. For this reason, Elozonam, Enkay, Frodd, Jackye, Joe, Mike, Sir Dee, Omashola, and Tacha did not participate.

Today Big Brother’s Ninjas were on strike and so Omashola and Jackye stood in for them as supervisors of today’s Head of House challenge.

As a reputable position, the Head of House title attracts a luxurious room, immunity from Nomination and 250 Bet9ja coins.

Blindfolded, they had to walk the line from the beginning to the end without stepping out of it. In the first round, Cindy, Diane, Mercy, Seyi, Venita and Gedoni gave it their best shot. For their lack of balance on the line, Esther, Ike and Khafi lost the challenge.

In the course of the Task, some Housemates got smarter than the others by dragging their feet to have a feel of the line. This made the challenge a piece of cake to them. So in the next round, Big Brother ruled out feet dragging and the blindfold was thoroughly checked for any possible opening. Also, they had to start where had ended in the previous round.

The second round saw Diane, Mercy, Gedoni, Venita leaving at the first attempt. They couldn’t even move past three steps on the line.

The last two Housemates were Cindy and Seyi. But this time, they were timed, so the fastest person to get to the finish line became the winner.

Cindy was so swift on the line that we thought she might win. Little did we know that Seyi’s determination would push him to become a cheetah on the line with the way he moved his legs on the line. Beating Cindy’s record of one minute, Seyi got to the finish line in just 45 seconds. What a remarkable feat!

For finishing within the shortest time, Seyi, who is the incumbent Head of House retained the title. This is a giant leap as he has broken a record as the only Housemate to win the lofty position twice.

He is now 250 Bet9ja Coins richer and has also won for his team, Cruisetopia, 10 Bet9ja coins each. As the runner-up, Cindy’s Icons also went away with 20 Bet9ja coins each. Seems Big Brother was in a good mood.

Remember the last time Seyi won the title, we were surprised when he chose Esther over Tacha with whom we have noticed a bond as his bedmate. This time, Tacha rejected the offer when Seyi felt it was time to reward her. Disappointed, he had to go for Venita instead.

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