BBNaija 2017 Day 8: Have Nots Are To Earn A Special Favour

CoCoIceAfter performing a very creative poem praising how wonderful there supreme ruler CocoIce also known as “Igwe” is, The have nots are to receive a special favour from Big Brother.

Below are the housemates in the Have Nots group with some of the cots in there poems recited;

Miyonse: with the beat on the drum”how excellent is your name in all the lands, the birds wake up in the morning to sing your praise”.

Bisola: “All hail Igwe!!!whose name is CocoIce, all hail CocoIce whose lyrics makes other MCs freeze like ice”.

Bassey: With the drum “Egwe CocoIce ten thousand voices from a thousand miles, you have fought ten thousand wars and won ten thousand wars…you are the icing on the cake but most importantly you are the CocoIce”.

ThinTallTony: “you are the embodiment of beauty, you wont understand the feel in my heart.I burn like love without a definition that is given. I will not stand up until you tell me to. Silver o gold i do not have but all I have I will give to you”.

Kemen: “you is awesome in the way she thinks, gracious in her judgement, addictiuos when she makes a speech. She is unmatched never to be compared

Efe: followed by Gifty “her wisdom is amazing. when she steps on the ground she calls for every body’s attention….”.

They mean while took an entertainment break but on there side Bisola totally got pissed off asking her how a beautiful and pretty looking girl like her could be that dump not be able to recite a poem of any kind.

Bassey was picked up as the one with the pleasant poem and he remarked by saying they enjoyed praising her which made some of them get lost into the poems because of her beauty and kindness.

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